Assault on a Minor: What is Your Defense?

People’s hearts are stirred when children may be in danger; we all want to do everything in our power to ensure their safety. We know that what happens to them while growing up can have an indelible effect on them throughout their lives. So, when there are allegations that a minor has been assaulted, many people often pass judgment immediately, considering the facts.

If you’ve been charged with assault on a minor, having a skilled attorney on your side may be the difference between doing time in prison and paying high penalties, or being free. You need a competent criminal defense lawyer who can help you establish a strong defense that can cut through preconceived ideas and focus on the facts and restore the presumption of innocence.

Assault on a Minor Charge: How?

There are a few unfortunate circumstances where a person might find themselves wrongfully charged with assault on a child.

  • One example is if the child was injured while playing and the parent or other concerned individual assumed that the injury was caused by abuse.
  • There may also be situations where a minor was physically harming an adult who, in turn, reacted in self-defense.
  • Another scenario is when the child (or, unfortunately, another adult) makes false accusations against someone they do not like, perhaps the child’s parent(s), another relative, or school personnel.

Assault on a Minor Charges Defense: How a Skilled Attorney Can Help

Your attorney will investigate the facts and the evidence that the prosecution may present against you. If there are eyewitnesses who can testify about what happened, your attorney may interview these witnesses to get a clear picture of what you are up against.

Here are some specific defenses that may apply:

  • Self-defense. In some cases, an attorney may be able to argue that you were defending yourself or someone else when you allegedly assaulted a minor. This could result in a reduced charge or even dismissal of the case altogether.
  • Disputing the evidence against you. An expert attorney may find that eyewitness testimony against you is not credible or was obtained unlawfully. For example, evidence may substantiate that a child’s injury was caused by an accident instead of an assault. Further, your attorney may find witnesses such as medical experts who may back up your claims and render the alleged incriminating evidence invalid.
  • Pre-trial negotiation. Depending on the facts, your attorney may be able to negotiate a plea deal with prosecutors that may dismiss or reduce the charges or reduce the severity of a conviction.

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