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Violent crimes are offenses that are considered to be more severe than other crimes and can result in a lengthy prison sentence. They may involve the use of weapons. These types of crimes often get media attention because they have a high likelihood of causing injury or death. However, violent crimes can also include lesser offenses like disorderly conduct and simple assault.

If you are being charged with a violent crime, you need to hire an attorney as soon as possible. The sooner you hire a defense attorney specializing in violent crime charges defense, the better your chances of getting the best outcome possible.

What is a Violent Crime?

A violent crime is any act that causes injury or death to another person. This can include attempted murder, assault, battery, and rape. The severity of these acts varies from state to state; however, it is considered a felony offense in most states.

Types of Violent Crimes Charges

There are many other ways that a person can be charged with a violent crime. These include:

  • Assault. Assault is defined as an attempt to commit violence or an intentional placing of another in fear of imminent bodily harm or death. The perpetrator does not have to cause injury or physical harm for assault charges to apply, but they must have intended to cause damage.
  • Aggravated Assault. Aggravated assault is an attempt to kill someone using a weapon, such as a gun or a knife. It also includes causing great bodily harm through fire or explosives.
  • Domestic Violence. This occurs when someone has been assaulted by their partner or spouse during an argument. Also happens when one partner tries to control the behavior of another through violence or threats of violence.
  • Rape. Rape is sexual intercourse without consent from one party involved. The act must be committed against a person who cannot give consent because of their age, mental capacity, unconscious, or intoxication. Penetration does not need to occur for an individual to be charged with this offense, nor does ejaculation have to happen for it to be considered rape.
  • Murder. Murder is the unlawful killing of another person with malice aforethought and without justification or excuse under circumstances that show extreme indifference to human life, such as torture. The law defines murder differently depending on the type of homicide, but all murders involve some malice. For example, someone who kills another person because they want to or because they hate that person is guilty of murder.
  • Manslaughter. Manslaughter is a less serious crime than murder and does not require premeditation or intent to kill. It does not require an unlawful act that causes death and either gross negligence or recklessness by the offender. Gross negligence means acting with extreme carelessness or lack of caution; recklessness means consciously disregarding a substantial risk that death or severe injury will result from your actions.
  • Robbery. Robbery is theft accomplished by force, violence or fear against another person’s property. This can include taking money from someone’s wallet when you hold them at gunpoint or hitting someone over the head with a bat to take their purse.

Violent Crimes Charges Defense

There are numerous defenses to use for violent crimes charges, including:

  • Self-defense. Self-defense is one of the most common defenses for violent crime cases, including murder and assault charges. Self-defense means that someone was justified in using force against another person because they believed their life was in danger. If you were acting in self-defense, but the prosecutor believes that you were not justified, then this is called “excusable homicide,” and it carries a lighter sentence than murder.
  • Necessity. It means that you had no other reasonable option available to avoid committing or being involved in the crime. For example, if you were charged with assault because you struck someone while they were robbing you at gunpoint, then you may argue necessity because there was no other way out of the situation without getting hurt yourself.
  • Accident. This occurs when someone gets into a fight or uses force against another person accidentally. For example, if you try to hit someone with a baseball bat but miss and hit them with your fist instead, this could result in an assault charge against you even though you did not intend to hurt anyone.
  • Mistaken identity. This occurs when the police arrest the wrong person for an alleged offense because they have inaccurate information about what happened at the scene of the crime. It could also occur if someone has multiple convictions on their record and police believe every person with similar characteristics is guilty again.

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